Preconception/ Fertility

Oooo I just get SO excited thinking about babies. I like to think of myself as your ultimate fertility doula. I’m ready to boost your fertility, teach you some fertility tricks, and work with you for as long as it takes to prepare your body for conception.

I've created a sweet combo to enhance your fertility that you can read about below. However, the smartest way to work with me is a combo of bodywork, and charting. Be sure to look for my classes online, or sign up for a one-on-one consult. 

I want conception to be easy for you, but it’s even more important to me that you’re healthy. I have a bigger goal than fertility: I want you to have a healthy full-term pregnancy, healthy birth, and a happy baby. I’ve spent the last 5 years doing two types of fertility massage, and the last 2 years learning how to read, evaluate, and offer holistic solutions for any type of cycle, including “normal” cycles, anovulatory cycles, and one of my favorite mysterious scenarios . . . PCOS.

You should work with me if you:

  • Have regular cycles and healthy periods

  • Have irregular cycles, hormone imbalances, PCOS, or endometriosis

  • Are stopping birth control

  • Have scar tissue from previous surgery or birth

  • Are just thinking about preparing your body for conception down the road

  • Are “trying but not trying”

  • Have been trying for a while and are surprised pregnancy hasn’t happened yet

  • Have a partner with low sperm count or slow movers

  • Are considering fertility treatments

  • Are actively doing IUI or IVF


important note:

Ideally, I would love to work with you for 3 months before you start trying to conceive. I know that seems like a long time and that you want to get pregnant now, especially if you’ve already been trying for a while. It takes 3 months for both the sperm and egg to mature, and I think that gives us a pretty good window to make lifestyle changes that will support your fertility. However, of course I am happy to meet you where you are right now.. It’s your body, and your baby.

Fertility Bodywork: External

I've come up with the perfect combo to support your fertility and help you carry a healthy full-term pregnancy. This includes:

  • Abdominal massage and fascia work to:

    • Increases blood and lymph circulation to the reproductive organs

    • Encourage proper positioning of the uterus (a tilted uterus is not normal, just common), and ovaries (where your hormones are produced.)

    • Reduce scar tissue

  • Reflexology to:

    • Directly stimulate and balance your nervous system and the reflexes of your endocrine glands and your reproductive and elimination organs

  • Back massage to:

    • Relax muscle tension

    • Reduce nerve innervation from the spine with a emphasis on areas where the ovaries and the pelvic floor nerves are located

    • Mobilize hips and low back

You’ll leave me feeling amazing, and I'll teach you some techniques you can do at home to continue feeling great :)

Fertility Bodywork: Internal

I may suggest internal work. I will only do internal work if we talk about it beforehand, and if you are comfortable with it (i.e. it will never be a surprise part of a visit.) I'll also never push it on you, or make you feel like it's the only way. We're women supporting each other; that's not what we do. Internal work can easily be combined into an external session.

Internal work is a gentle, intervaginal myofascial/trigger point massage. Why should you do it?

  1. You’ve probably grown up disconnected/ grossed out/ pretending like you don’t even have a vagina. Now you’re about to use it to get pregnant, and then you’re going to ask it to do the biggest job your body has ever had to do: deliver a child. You should probably say hello.

  2. During pregnancy your pelvic floor bears the weight of all your organs, and a growing baby and uterus. Most women make the mistake of trying to over-strengthen it when instead it needs to be balanced. This will help your pelvic floor muscles work together properly while pushing in labor.

  3. It reduces scar tissue from previous pregnancies. This could be internal tears in your vagina, tears on your labia or perineum, or scarring from an episiotomy (which is a big deal and cuts through a bunch of muscle.) You’re not off the hook if you’ve had a C-section. We can address the effect of that scar internally, and resolve trauma to the pelvic floor from the force of having the baby pulled out.

  4. If you’re susceptible to UTIs. Sometimes adhesions or compression can form around the urethra, leading to urinary tract infections. It’s wise to gently break those up before you add an extra 20-50lbs on top of your bladder for the next 9 months.