Store Policies

I’m so excited you’re here, & I can’t wait to work with you! Please read this whole page to learn more about:

  • How to schedule
  • Ways to avoid a waiting list
  • The easiest way to get in when my schedule is busy
  • My super important cancellation policy
  • My even more super important sick policy
  • How to have the best appointment ever


Schedule an appointment by going to my scheduling site. It’s fast, it’s easy, you don’t have to pay at the time of scheduling. After you’ve scheduled, you can cancel and reschedule, or book another appointment all on your own.

Busyness ebbs and flows with the month, so sometimes you may be able to get in the next day, and other times you may not be able to get in for 3 weeks. If you know you have every Friday off, or you their is a special circumstance in your life you are preparing for, I urge to schedule ahead of time.

I often get notes sent to me with the scheduling emails saying “If you have a cancellation sooner than my appointment, please let me know.” That’s really hard for me to keep track of, and even if someone does cancel, someone else could easily take that spot via the scheduling site. Long story long, what I’m trying to say is that if you would like to get in sooner, I recommend checking the site every day to see if something has become available.


Cancellation/ No Show Policy: I have a 12 hour cancellation policy. This pretty much means that I need to know the day before your appointment that you will not make it. To do this, please go to the scheduling site and click “cancel appointment”. Anything within 12 hours will be charged a cancellation fee of $15.00. I take this pretty seriously. I love my clients, and it really stinks when people are not able to get in, and then someone doesn’t show up. My exception to this rule is on Marquette Area Public Schools “snow days”, or of course, a tragic event.

sick policy

My sick policy: If you are sick, don’t come in. Here are a few reasons why: I work with infant babies on a regular basis. I can’t get a newborn sick. I don’t want to spread it to my other clients. I don’t want to spread it to my son, which would then go on to infect his school. If you show up and are clearly ill, I will turn you away.

how to have the best appointment ever

Show up on time.
Your appointment starts at the scheduled time. Say that’s at 12 pm, and you’re scheduled for a 60 minute appointment. If you show up at 12:05 pm, your session still ends at 1:00 pm. If I go over that means I’m likely now late for the rest of the day. I value that you are taking care of yourself, and I want you to be able to soak every minute of that up.

Be clear and honest with me.
If can’t stand your feet being touched, let me know. If you’re self conscious about being undressed on the table, I totally understand. I’m happy to accommodate you, but I can’t read your mind.

Drink water before and after.
I wouldn’t chug a bottle right before you lay on the table (you’ll totally have to pee), but make sure the day before you keep hydrating. It’s especially important to drink water after. Through massage, I am working the lactic acid out of your muscles (uric acid for reflexology!), if you don’t hydrate and flush that out, sometimes it seeps back in and you may get a headache, nauseous, or feel like you did an insane work out.