Rachel K.

"Chloe is wonderful! I have been seeing her now for over three years. I began seeing her because I heard she had amazing women’s care and I was having a hard time conceiving my second child. I thought why not try it and I am so glad I did. After my first maya abdominal therapy session I saw changes in my body that told me I was on the right track with getting my body in balance and open for a pregnancy. Within three visits I was pregnant with my son and I was hooked!

My job with its repetitive work has me seeing Chloe on a regular basis for maintenance. I know I will be able to continue my career for decades because of her helping me take away the potential of repetitive injury. Not to mention seeing her is just so relaxing!

I have also had some very stressful periods in life in the last three years with health issues with my son, loosing family members etc... she has such a kind gentle way of lending a ear, a word of understanding and a whole lot of love. You would be missing out not to try out her services. I have no doubt after a visit you will be a regular too!"

Kimberly Aisthorpe