"From the moment I met Chloe I knew she had healing hands. I've had many many massages before but when Chloe puts her hands on you she senses so much more and I feel so much more than just a massage. She has this aura about her that just sets your soul at ease and once she starts going to work you can feel your soul being healed, comforted, as well as your body.
One of the most amazing experiences I had with her was having her help me with my newborn son.
He was born at 5am, naturally. My second sweet baby boy. Of course I did things as naturally as possible and tried nursing him as soon as he came into this world and he just wouldn't latch on. I tried again and again and again throughout that day. Every time he woke up I tried nursing him with the same result. He'd hang on for a second then fall asleep. I starting pumping and feeding him as much as I could with a syringe. The Doctors were concerned that he was losing weight and not getting enough fluids. through an exhausting 24 hours, I just couldn't get him to nurse. At my witts end called Chloe, she came to the hospital, did an exam and some Craniosacrial therapy. Birthing a child is very traumatic for the baby and puts their little bodies under a lot of stress and strain. Chloe came and put her healing hands all over my baby, checking to make sure his tongue and lips weren't tied (something the Doctor never even checked) releasing all of the tension out of his little body.

From that first visit on he was able to relax enough to eat more to gain weight and be a happy normal baby. I continued to bring him to Chloe only from that point on for any and all of my developing concerns. She helped to release his body in all the right spots. I thought he was slow to crawl Until we saw Chloe, his Dr's said his head was misshapen and he might need a helmet until I saw Chloe, he had issues rolling over until we saw Chloe." - Grace