Prenatal Bodywork

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I've taken advanced pregnancy & postpartum massage and bodywork trainings from some of the smartest midwives, doctors, and physical therapists I know. You are in good, safe, skilled hands through your entire pregnancy, from start to finish.

I have three goals with prenatal bodywork:

  1. Relieve pain and & discomfort in your growing body.
  2. Promote relaxation to increase circulation to the womb and reduce stress hormones from being sent to your baby.
  3. Free restrictions in your body so your baby can get into the correct birthing position (more than just head down), and you can have a better, easier, birth.

prenatal bodywork can help with:

  • shortness of breath

  • anxiety

  • improved blood & lymph circulation

  • acid reflux

  • heartburn

  • round ligament pain

  • pubic bone pain

  • broad ligament pain

  • SI joint pain

  • low back pain

  • sciatic pain

  • deeper connection to baby

  • reduced stress

  • low back pain

  • calf cramps

  • getting breech babies to turn naturally

Below is a timeline of what to expect as your pregnancy continues. I can't stress enough the value of getting regular bodywork during pregnancy to simultaneously be in the moment AND prepare for a better birth. I draw from a variety of techniques to help you have the best pregnancy possible, including massage, Maya Abdominal Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, reflexology, and gentle bone mobilization.

Conception - 13 Weeks

You may feel exhausted, hungover, emotional. . . or you may feel fine. With the increase in progesterone, you may feel a little bit more stuffy, and you're probably a little constipated as your body tries to hold in extra nutrients.

If you're in the fatigued/sick category: Craniosacral therapy will help for a better flow of hormones. A regular massage is also key while you can still lay face up and face down on the table. I completely avoid abdominal massage at this time.

* This is the most common time for miscarriages. I am well aware of the reflexology and acupuncture points that induce labor, and I completely avoid them until around your due date. You are in safe hands.

14- 19 Weeks

You may experience pain in your pubic bone, hips, and low back. In this stage, you receive a really nice, relaxing massage full of cushions and wonderfulness that addresses discomfort and supports your body in the side lying position. You'll probably want to get this set-up so you can sleep like this at home.

20-30 Weeks

Milestone: We can FINALLY do some Maya Abdominal work on your beautiful belly. This gentle work helps center the uterus so it's not leaning to one side, helps you breathe a little better, and relieves some of the weight/pressure on your pelvic bowl. I will give you a nice foot massage, and then we do some awesome neck/back/shoulders/buttocks work. I'll teach you how to do abdominal self care at home so you can develop a deeper connection and stronger bond with your baby.

*If you're not comfortable with me touching your belly, we can skip that. However, Maya Abdominal Massage does send more blood flow to the uterus, gets your uterus in a better position, and your baby absolutely loves it. I promise.

31 - 37 Weeks

Let's keep the good stuff going. You're in that awkward phase where you feel like you've been pregnant forever, but you know you're not done. This is a perfect time for me to show you where your baby is. I'll teach you how to feel around and identify some baby body landmarks. If your baby is breech, we can do some gentle unwinding techniques to create more space in the womb for your baby to turn on their own :) Otherwise, let's continue with some awesome massage so you can feel like the peaceful, rested goddess growing another human life that you are.  

37-42 Weeks

Home stretch, you did it! Or... you're doing it! Baby is officially safely ready to come out...whenever that happens. I love to be with mom's in their final days/weeks of pregnancy. Let's continue the massage, keep up the good fascia work, and we can add some reflexology for any excess fluid. We can officially do some deeper sacral work that's going to make you feel amazing. 


Natural Birth Induction

You’ve made it this far and you’re done being pregnant. I get it. If you’re at 40 weeks, I’m more than happy to use my bag of tricks.

Here’s what a session will look like:

  1. A nice belly massage (this has nothing to do with induction; I just want everything to be in the right place)

  2. Reflexology using an emphasis on hormonal and laboring birth reflexes.

  3. Some secret (safe and painless) moves that get labor going.

You might want to have someone to come with you in case you start crowning in the car... not kidding...