Prenatal Bodywork

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

I've taken advanced pregnancy & postpartum massage and bodywork trainings from some of the smartest midwives, doctors, and physical therapists I know. You are in good, safe, skilled hands through your entire pregnancy, from start to finish.

I have three goals with prenatal bodywork:

  1. Relieve pain and & discomfort in your growing body.
  2. Promote relaxation to increase circulation to the womb and reduce stress hormones from being sent to your baby.
  3. Free restrictions in your body so your baby can get into the correct birthing position (more than just head down), and you can have a better, easier, birth.

prenatal bodywork can help with:

  • shortness of breath

  • anxiety

  • improved blood & lymph circulation

  • acid reflux

  • heartburn

  • round ligament pain

  • pubic bone pain

  • broad ligament pain

  • SI joint pain

  • low back pain

  • sciatic pain

  • deeper connection to baby

  • reduced stress

  • low back pain

  • calf cramps

  • getting breech babies to turn naturally

 I can't stress enough the value of getting regular bodywork during pregnancy to simultaneously be in the moment AND prepare for a better birth. I draw from a variety of techniques to help you have the best pregnancy possible, including massage, Maya Abdominal Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, reflexology, and gentle bone mobilization.

Prenatal Massage
1-42 weeks

Every Mom should get prenatal massage. This is a great time to step away from the busy world and connect with your baby. Not only can we work on physical ailments like neck and shoulder tension, or low back pain, but it will also help with emotional and mental stress about the pregnancy, birth, or other life circumstances. 

I have the comfiest setup in the world for you to lay face up and face down. Once you get your baby bump and that's no longer comfortable, I have a great system for you to lay on your side so we can still get to all of the good spots. You're going to want to take note so you can figure out how to sleep better at home!

Available in 60, 75, or 90 minute sessions. 

Prenatal Craniosacral Therapy
1-42 weeks

If you're having sinus issues, morning sickness, headaches, or extreme fatigue starting in your first trimester, this is DEFINITELY the service to pick. I've had pretty good results with helping Moms feel somewhat like their normal self again. Craniosacral Therapy is a super light touch, gentle technique that frees up restrictions so every part of your body can move freely. 

As your pregnancy continues, this is the perfect modality to help you feel better in your body. My secret agenda is to help your uterus be in the right place so the baby grows with as much room as possible. Even though this sounds intense, it's really just my hands lightly resting on your abdomen and freeing up space. 

Available in 60, 75, and 90 minute sessions. 

Prenatal Maya Abdominal Therapy
20-42 Weeks

This gentle work helps center the uterus so it's not leaning to one side, helps you breathe a little better, and relieves some of the weight/pressure on your pelvic bowl. It helps with round ligament pain, broad ligament paint, shortness of breath, acid reflux, and pubic bone pain.  I'll teach you how to do abdominal self care at home so you can develop a deeper connection and stronger bond with your baby.

60 minute sessions focus solely on abdominal work, and then you also get a fantastic back massage. 
75 minutes includes your abdomen, your feet, and your back. 
90 minutes allows to do a full body massage, with your abdomen being just one special part!

*I understand being squeamish of this. This gentle massage feels amazing, and is completely safe for baby. I do not massage or try to move the baby. It sends extra bloody supply to your uterus, and your baby will love it. 

Spinning Babies Aware Techniques
32-42 weeks

I was fortunate enough to study with some excellent practitioners who are part of the Spinning Babies group. While Spinning Babies is most well known for helping breech babies turn, this training taught me an excellent set of skills to help all mom's, no matter what position their baby is in, relax the muscles and ligaments of the pelvic floor and uterus for an easier, better birth. 

In this session you stay fully dressed in your comfy clothes. We do different techniques, releases, and maybe a couple of stretches that require a little bit of your effort, but are overall still super relaxing. This is excellent for women experience braxton hicks contractions, pubic bone pain, baby bumps that stick out forward really far, and repeated "false" labor starts towards the end of pregnancy. 

*Ideally, we want your baby head down with their back to the left of your belly, kicking up towards your right ribs. This will make for the easiest, strongest, most consistent contractions. 

Available in 75 minutes and 90 minutes. 

Prenatal  Reflexology
13-42 weeks

Reflexology is such an amazing modality for all stages of life, but especially pregnancy. I have the comfiest set up in the world for you to kick back and relax. Each foot has 7,200 nerve endings, and they all correlate to an area of the body. By stimulating them, we promote balance, reduce stress, and help detox. 

*I'm well aware of the induction spots on the foot, and I completely avoid them until you ask me to work on them at 40 weeks. 


Natural Birth Induction

You’ve made it this far and you’re done being pregnant. I get it. If you’re at 40 weeks, I’m more than happy to use my bag of tricks.

Here’s what a session will look like:

  1. A nice belly massage (this has nothing to do with induction; I just want everything to be in the right place)

  2. Reflexology using an emphasis on hormonal and laboring birth reflexes.

  3. Some secret (safe and painless) moves that get labor going.

You might want to have someone to come with you in case you start crowning in the car... not kidding...