Postpartum Care

How we're cared for after our baby arrives has lifelong consequences on our health.

It's easy for Moms to fall through the cracks when everyone is focused on the baby.  Labor can take a toll on your body, you're running low on sleep, you have a wide range of emotions, your neck and shoulders hurt from carrying and nursing your baby, car seats weigh 30 flipping pounds . . .

Postpartum Bodywork

It is crucial for every woman who has been pregnant to receive postpartum bodywork, whether she was pregnant yesterday or 10 years ago. I'm happy to give you therapeutic massage at any stage, but I have a pretty great set of combos to get you back in your body, out of the birthing pattern, and to heal from your birth story.

As an Innate Postpartum Care provider, I have tools to bring the Mother back in her Center using traditional knowledge from around the world. I'm here to bring you back together.

Internal Work - I'll never push this on you because our culture is a little squeamish. However internal work should be mandatory for all women at 6 weeks postpartum. It helps to heal scar tissue from tears and episiotomies, and balance the pelvic floor muscles. Highly recommended for fast births and long labors.

Birth Loss
If your pregnancy ended sooner than expected or ended with the loss of your baby, I'm so sorry. Your body will still experience the postpartum hormone cascade, and you still need to rest. I've had a miscarriage, too, and a lot of emotions surround it. Come in for a massage. I've got some good lovin' support and tools to ease your healing.  

Postpartum Timeline

Birth - 10 Days
In the first 10 days, I'm more than happy to come to you to work on both you and baby! I noticed that while traveling to work on babies, their mothers also desperately needed work, so now both of you are built in to each visit.

The sooner the visit, the better! You should be lying in and not doing anything. Bed rest for the first 5 days, couch rest for the next 5 days. Your organs are falling and shifting back into place, your lady parts are swollen, and you may have had a C-section. I've got a healing, restorative combo to ease your spirits and reduce inflammation.

10 Days - 5 Weeks
I'm happy to address tender spots, gently guide/realign your bones, and hold space for your intro to mothering.

6 Weeks - 5 Months
You're likely done bleeding now, and this is where my awesome powers come out to honor and heal the womb, pelvic bones, and low back. If you had a vaginal birth, we can realign your organs and show them love and support. If you've had a C-section, we will wait  3 months for all of the internal scarring to heal.