Pelvic Wellness


As a bodyworker trained in advanced pelvic work, we can align and correct the fascia, organs, bones, and muscles that make your pelvic region strong and healthy. As a trained Holistic Reproductive Health Educator, I can teach you how to uncover the root cause of what's happening in your pelvis, and I can teach you how to improve it naturally.

Cycle Awareness

I don't accept that painful cycles are normal! I want to see what's really happening in your cycle, and then I want to share all of my tools to get the cycle you want, naturally. I'm super nosy, and a crazy note taker, and I'm ready to meet you where you're at with charting, either at a "basic awareness" level, or a "super advanced pro" level.

Why chart your cycles?
Because when you have recorded data, you can observe what's happening in your body, develop a hypothesis about why it’s happening, experiment with solutions, and change your cycles. You can also bring what you learn from your charting to your medical doctor.

Pelvic Wellness Bodywork

available in 60 or 90 minute sessions

  • External Work - I created this combination of mobilization techniques from the many trainings I've taken. Every woman is different, so every session is a little different based on what your body is telling me. I may use gentle manipulations, Maya Abdominal Therapy, massage, fascia work, and craniosacral therapy to ensure your connective tissues, bones, and organs are able to move freely so you don't feel pain in your body.

    If you have scar tissue, painful periods, low back/ hip/ knee pain, irregular cycles, ovarian cysts, uterine fibroids, or endometriosis, this is the work you want.

  • Internal Work - I may suggest internal work. I've been trained by two of the country's most highly regarded physical therapists to balance pelvic floor muscles. This will benefit women with painful intercourse, prolapse, leaky bladder, leaky diva cups, and vaginal gas during yoga.



None of this will hurt! My goal is to release pain by removing restrictions that keep that body aspect from functioning properly.