Massage Therapy


I consider massage my art form that i’ve grown and evolved over the last 10 years as a bodyworker. I’ve made a hybrid out of a variety of styles. I plan on doing this work for the next 50 years, so you can expect it to keep getting better. Although I can talk all day every day (it runs in the family), I make a special effort not to talk during sessions so you can check out, and I promise not to get oil in your hair.

Massage was likely the first medicine, and in my opinion should always be the first course of action with any discomfort. It reduces stress (which we know to be the number one cause of disease), increases circulation and range of motion, frees up nerve congestion along the spine, and it feels soooo good.  Not to be grim, but if infants in orphanages who were not touched wouldn’t survive, why would we think it’s any different with adults?

60 minutes for $60

This is best for one of two things:

  1. A general full body flow with just the right amount of oomph to let of tension and work out the kinks.
  2. Special focus on the upper body - including neck, shoulders, back, and Glutes

90 minutes for $85

This is my sweet spot. This generous amount of time allows us to do a full body massage, and typically focus on two different areas that really need some extra love. This is great for someone who takes awhile to calm down the monkey chatter in their mind.

120 minutes for $110

Two hours is great to pretty much combine anything you want. Let’s work out neck/shoulder tension, throw in a decent amount of reflexology, etc. If you have a worry when you come in, I doubt you’ll be able to remember it when you leave. Are you a Mom? Your family should probably schedule this for you once a month.