Fertility Awareness Education

Let me help you understand your hormonal health, detox and regulate after taking hormonal birth control, maximize your chance of conceiving and/or avoid pregnancy free of hormones or cost.

Did you know that a normal healthy menstrual cycle can range between 24-35 days? That each cycle can be different? That you can only get pregnant 3-5 days a month, and you have to know your body to be able to know when? By knowing and understanding what is happening on a day-to- day basis with your hormones, you can make educated decisions about your diet, sleep, and whether or not you want to conceive a child.

Who is this for?

Fertility Awareness if for all women from menarche to menopause. I teach the sympto-thermal method, which is observing your cervical fluid and basal body temperature. The simple recordings of your primary and secondary fertility signals (symptoms unique to you), can tell a whole bunch about each individual cycle. This isn’t your grandma’s rhythm method, the calendar method, or a dumb algorithm on your phone app. Do you have irregular or anovulatory cycles? Perfect, you’ll know what’s going on for once, and I’m here to help you. There is valuable information in each section below.

Hormone Health

This is such a special way to develop a deeper connection with your body.  By tracking your signs, we can look into what your hormones are doing in every cycle. If we know the symptoms, then we know what goals we want to improve. And from now on, you’ll always know when you’re fore sure getting your period.

This is great for women who have:

  • Regular cycles
  • Irregular or anovulatory
  • PCOS
  • An interest in learning about their body and improving their health


Like I mentioned above, you can only get pregnant 3-5 days a month. You can’t get pregnant without cervical fluid, and you can’t confirm ovulation without charting your temps. By charting your signals, we can make sure you have enough progesterone to keep a pregnancy, find out a more accurate due date, and be on alert for early detection of miscarriage. OPK’s are expensive, and they don’t tell you that you’ve ovulated, just that your body is trying to. Let’s maximize your chance of conceiving.

Natural Birth Control

Just can’t have a baby right now? Want a hormone free birth control that a job or government can never take away from you? Me too. And that’s what my husband and I have been using for the last few years. This secular practice is all inclusive, and you can even fill your partner in so they know what’s going on for double reliability. If you follow the rules (yup, we have rules, but they’re simple), you’ll be able to to avoid intercourse or practice safe sex during your fertile times.

This can be used for women who have :

  • Regular cycles
  • Irregular or anovulatory cycles
  • PCOS
  • Breastfeeding
  • Perimenopause