Cycle Charting Awareness Series

I come from a long line of storytellers. As a true Gatherer, it's hard for me not to pour out all of the information I've collected *at* someone, but I've realized there is a time and place. I am creating these courses to pass on essential wisdom of womanhood, and to bring us together. A mentor of mine once said, "There is nothing more powerful than a group of women." I don't think there is anything funnier, either. Expect to laugh a whole bunch, because I like to make learning fun.

The Fertility Awareness Education Series consists of three courses designed to be adaptable to the individual. The "lesson plan" is sequential, so the courses must be completed in order.

Classes will be held online. I keep them small for intimacy, and to make sure that you understand the content. For the next class series, jump on my newsletter

Every participant gets a session with me included in the cost of the class. This is mandatory for people who are charting for birth control so we can make sure you are following the rules correctly. 


Intro to Fertility Awareness + Body Literacy

This is essential wisdom for all women between puberty to menopause. 

In this first class we will talk about:

  • Common myths around menstrual cycle

  • The difference between Fertility Awareness and Natural Family Planning, the Rhythm Method, and similar calendar based methods.

  • Female sexual and reproductive anatomy

  • Female physiology through the menstrual and ovarian cycle

  • Learn the basics of charting your primary and secondary signs


Better Cycles

By observing our cycles, we can gather key information into our hormone, thyroid, and overall health. This practice is invaluable for collecting data ,and monitoring how our lives effect our body from month to month. 

Dive deeper into:

  • Physiology of the menstrual and ovarian cycle
  • "Normal" Cycle, and variations of a cycle
  • How to regulate and improve cycles naturally
  • Learn how to code and chart primary and secondary signals. 


Conscious Conception & Natural Birth Control

This is a packed and loaded class, and for good reason. I decided to keep these topics in one session because they are two sides of the same coin. 

we will start with male anatomy and physiology, and then go into...


It's super important to chart when you are trying to conceive. It's only 25% likely you'll conceive during any given cycle while timing it right, so by learning to identify this, we can avoid a lot of frustration. Learning to time intercourse appropriately for a baby can save some broken hearts, or at least give us some questions and answers. 

  • How to chart for conception
  • Maximize chances of conception
  • Increase male and female fertility
  • Special Considerations while coming off birth control
  • Find out your pregnant
  • Monitor for miscarriage
  • Get a more accurate due date

Birth Control:

Fertility Awareness is 99.4% effective as a birth control, however that is ONLY IF YOU FOLLOW THE RULES. Let me teach you a fool proof way to be smart and avoid getting pregnant. 

  • Rules for charting for birth control 
  • How to chart for birth control with regular or irregular cycles 

Special Birth Control Topics:Possibilities and Charting while:

  • Coming off of hormonal birth control
  • Breastfeeding