your special lady

She keeps it together for everyone, and even when you tell her to go off and do something she enjoys, she doesn’t seem to know what to do. She says your massages are too rough, and you really don’t want to be doing it for more than five minutes anyway. I’ll let her totally relax, and when she comes home she’ll be restored with a whole new level of peace and patience. Bonus points if you tell her to book it right away, she’ll love the permission to get out the door.

your gal-pal

Your gal pal – Got a girlfriend who loves coming to see me? Get her a gift certificate. It doesn’t have to be a whole massage, in fact – it could just be a cash amount. That way she may even be inclined to shoot for something more she was always hesitant to get because it was just past her normal comfort budget.

a mom-to be

Be the hero at your girlfriend’s baby shower or blessing way, and get her a gift certificate to my shop. She is really lucky to have a friend like you. From out of town and wish you could help her somehow, but not sure what she needs?

It’s this, here’s why:

  • Her body is changing every week and it’s uncomfortable. I offer specific services for each complaint, and she can use the value of the card to pick which one she wants. She’s also dwelling on her new role, which she hasn’t fully grasped the reality of, and this is a way to honor that transition
  • If she goes past her due date, she can use her gift certificate to help her induce her. I’ve picked up a bunch of safe, effective skills that will help bring that baby Earthside.
  • If she doesn’t use it during pregnancy, she can use it for her postpartum recovery. That’s right, either for lack of sleep, sore neck and shoulders from nursing and staring at her sweet babe, or recovery from birth.
  • If it’s just not in the cards for her, she can use it for her baby. I work with all newborns, and can be a big help to babies who are having a hard time breastfeeding. We want nursing to succeed, and this can save the day. Plus money is tight on one income, she’s exhausted and frustrated, she hasn’t slept, and now her nipples are shredded and she doesn’t want to use formula even though her partner secretly has it in his office.